Create a Grid | Lightroom Tutorial {Sacramento photographer}

Create a custom grid to fit your own needs in Lightroom’s Print module. Although LR offers several different grid configurations, you may want to make your own customized grid.

Create a Custom Grid in Lightroom

~ Go to the Print module by clicking on ‘Print’ on the top right side of the menu bar.

~In the Layout Style menu (top, right), click on Custom Package. Open Rulers, Grid & Guides and make sure that Grid Snap is off, and then close.  Next, open the ‘Cells’ menu.  We will come back to this later.

Layout Style, Rulers, Grid & Guides, Cells

create a grid screen shot of Lightroom Print Module Layout Style settings

~  Then, move down and open the ‘Print Job’ panel. Where it says ‘Print to:’ be sure JPEG File is open. Next, set file resolution to 300 ppi, uncheck print sharpening, and keep JPEG Quality at 100.

~  Now for Custom File Dimensions you will specify the size of the finished image you want.  5 x 7, 3 x 3, your choice.

Print Job

create custom grid Print Job LR Screen Shot Print module

~  Go back up to the Cells panel.  This is where you decide the size of the images within the grid. For my example, I wanted a three by four grid for a finished image of 5″ x 7″.  Adjust a cell menu tab to your desired size.  (Any cell will do, and you can adjust the size even after the cell is on the grid.) Click on it to have the cell inserted into the post.  Click eleven more times and the 5 x 7 is divided into 12 equal cells. When the cells are active, just pull or push on the corners to adjust the size. Hold down as you click on the center to actually move an entire cell.


create custom grid Cells LR Screen Shot Print module

~  Once the cells are sized and arranged to your liking, just start dragging and dropping the images into the cells.

create custom grid Print Job LR Screen Shot Print module

~  When you have your images placed, click on the Print to File button on the very bottom of the menu panel to save it. You will have the options of naming the new image/grid and where to save it.

~  Lastly, if this is a grid you will want to use again, you can save it by clicking the ‘+’ sign beside the Template Browser on the far left of the screen. Again, you can specify a name and location for your template.

Template Browser
Template Browser LR Screen Shot Print module

There you have it! As with any work you do in the Print module, it is easiest to put all the images with which you want to work into a separate folder and pull them from there. I really hope you’ll give this a try.


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Nadeen Flynn is an award winning northern California portrait and fine art photographer. Living in the greater Sacramento area, she specializes in senior and teen portraits as well as fine art landscape and still life photography. Nadeen’s style is authentic, fresh and personality-driven. This retains the timeless features of photography that create family heirlooms. She offers in-person workshops and mentoring. She currently lives in rural northern California with her husband and a couple thousand walnut trees.

Currently booking 2017 senior portraits. Locations include Yuba City/Marysville, East Nicolaus, Wheatland, Lincoln, Woodland, Roseville, Rocklin, and Sacramento areas.

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