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Tis the season for harvesting rice in northern California.  Here in our immediate area, harvest consists mostly of rice and walnuts at this time of year.  As I set out on an early morning drive to capture some of my hometown, the equipment and farmers seemed to be taking a bit of a breather.  However, behind the scenes, I’m sure there was a flurry of activity making sure the equipment was all ready to go for when the time is right today.  The dew point must be just right for successfully harvesting rice and that doesn’t happen until a little later in the day.

The clouds were a bit spotty making for a gorgeous sky this morning.  If you follow my blog, you know how I love morning.  The peacefulness.  The quiet.  The waking up.  The crispness.  The smells.  This morning fit that description.  I’m hoping to go out later this evening to capture some of these incredible machines in action.  They are huge and seem so much faster than the earlier models.

Wishing everyone a successful harvest.  May your yield be grand, and your breakdowns few.

To learn more about California rice and the wildlife habitat it supports, go to California Rice, The Environmental Crop.


Harvesting Rice, Hometown Style

Harvesting in the Central Valley of northern California by Nadeen Flynn

Keep on, Keeping’ On

harvesting time in northern California

Sunrise at Harvest Time

time for harvesting in northern California

Dryers, One of Many

Harvesting, Hometown Style by Nadeen Flynn

Equipment Ready to Go

Harvesting, Hometown Style Harvester by Nadeen Flynn

Resting Harvester

full trailers after harvesting rice by Nadeen Flynn

Got Rice?

Harvesters by Nadeen Flynn northern California


Trailers of Rice by Nadeen Flynn

Trailers of Rice


I DID make it out in the late afternoon, and was not disappointed.  These happen to be the same harvesters and bank out wagon that I photographed this morning.


dust while harvesting by Nadeen Flynn

From Harvester to Bankout Wagon

Harvesting, Hometown Style in northern California by Nadeen Flynn

Taking the Rice to the Truck



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