how I view… motherhood

It’s blog circle time again!  Love the images and thoughts of these intelligent, creative women!   This month’s theme is how we view motherhood.

What can I say about motherhood that’s not been said, observed, or contemplated before?

Motherhood.  Mom.  Mother’s Day.  FLOWERS.  If you are a mom, do you remember the first bouquet that your child picked (if not from your own yard, possibly the neighbor’s) and held it out to you in that chubby little hand?   I think the first bunch of little boy flowers I received was a cluster of clover blossoms.   Such a sweet expression of love, I will never forget.  Flowers and moms just seem to go together.

My mother has roses in her yard that have been there for over fifty years.  Whenever we need a little something special to take to a friend, decorate for a gathering, or even to enjoy in our own homes, we cut a bouquet of Mom’s roses.   Those particular roses are “her” and I hope to enjoy them and Mom for many more years.

Wishing you all a loving, happy Mother’s Day.

Please follow the circle to view how my talented friend Brigette Rebol views motherhood.Aperture: ƒ/2.8 | Focal length: 100mm | ISO: 100 | Shutter speed: 1/20s |

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Alicia - These pictures of the roses are stunning. Roses have always been one of my favorite flowers along side Bleeding Hearts. I love the tradition and story behind them. Happy Mother’s Day to you my friend.

carol - Beautiful words and images Nadeen! I love your work!

Amy - Wow Nadeen! I love those roses! It is very special that you can go and pick roses from your Mother’s garden, how nice…and you’ve captured them beautifully.

Kimberly Walla - Wow Nadeen – beautiful images! I think I may a couple of those printed for my walls. They are lovely! I know that roses will always be special for you, and I love the reason why even more. That is definitely a story that should be passed and carried on…

Erika - I love these images, so soft and feminine, how fitting for “motherhood.” I know exactly what you mean about our babies handing over flowers or dandelions all squished and missing the stem. Be still my heart, so so precious!

Cam - Those are beautiful roses. I like that they are multi-colored. Your must must really take care of them. I love the light especially in the second photo. Well done, Nadeen!

Brigette - Oh Nadeen, I love your images! Roses have such a way of having such specific memories attached to them. I love it. I love the way the petals curl in the third picture, fantastic!

Magda - Nadeen, wow what a wonderful tradition to have. These roses are beautiful, and your pictures as beautiful as these roses!

Mary Beth - I just love the black and white image! I wouldn’t think to do that with roses, but it really shows their beauty… great post!

Emily Morgalis - I love these images! My kids always pick the smallest flower they can find…usually smaller than a pea…and then ask me to put it in my hair. It never seems to work out very well 🙂

Angie - Gorgeous flowers! I love that they’ve lasted so long.

Marlo Yoshimoto - Oh I LOVE freshly cut garden roses! And what a lovely way to see your mom. I have always grown roses in our backyard, but now you have given me ideas on how to enjoy them further!

How I view: Motherhood | Marlo Yoshimoto PhotographyMarlo Yoshimoto Photography - […] Please continue on this blog circle dedication to Motherhood by visiting Nadeen Flynn’s blog! […]

Julie M - Gorgeous photos and thank you for sharing the wonderful story behind them! I LOVE the 3rd & 4th ones. Really stunning, Nadeen!

stefanie - what a cool tradition and memory to have – roses from your mom’s rose bushes for all occasions! i think the flowers i get most from my kids are weeds :0 dandelions + clover, of course.

Heidi Howard - clovers and dandelions! that’s what i usually got! I would love to grow roses, but I don’t think I have the patience. You are very lucky to have a mom who grows them for you! Happy Mothers day Nadeen!!

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