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It’s getting to be that time! We are just waiting for the weather to cool so we can start the walnut crop harvest: shake, sweep, harvest, dump, and transport.  This is a post from last year at harvest time.


Walnut Crop Harvest

There are quite a few people around here who are pretty happy right about now.  Harvest is mostly complete and things are winding down.  We were pretty pleased to be here when the crew harvested our crop.  After caring for the trees throughout the year, completing a good harvest is a wonderful reward.

This is the second year for our walnut crop harvest.  These trees are about six years old.  Still babies.

Walnut Crop Harvest by Nadeen Flynn, northern California

Shaking the Trees


The arm of the shaker is clamped on to the trunk of the tree to shake it causing the nuts to fall.

Walnut Crop Harvest by Nadeen Flynn, northern California



After the nuts have been shaken from the trees, the sweeper comes along and sweeps and blows the nuts into the center of the aisle.

Walnut Crop Sweeping by Nadeen Flynn, northern California



Now the harvester pulls up the walnuts separating them from the leaves.  The walnuts travel on the conveyer to the trailer in the rear and the leaves return to the ground.

Walnut Crop Harvesting by Nadeen Flynn, northern California

Walnut Harvester


Walnut Crop Harvest by Nadeen Flynn, northern California

Harvester – Side View



Off the ground, and into the truck

When the trailer is full, the walnuts are dumped onto another conveyer to be loaded onto the truck.

Walnut Crop Harvest by Nadeen Flynn, northern California

From Harvester to Truck


Walnuts going from trailer to conveyer.

Walnut Crop Harvest by Nadeen Flynn, northern California

Trailer to Conveyer


Walnut Harvest

Loaded Truck


Walnut Harvest loading the truck by Nadeen Flynn, northern California photographer

Into the Truck


Once the truck and trailer are full, the nuts are taken to the dryer to be weighed, graded, and dried before being shipped to the buyer.




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